Narthex. Option for comfort

Can doors become an important and stylish element of the interior, bringing additional comfort to everyday life?
Yes. If it is the doors of the UNION company of the INVISIBLE LUX and FILOMURO LUX collections.

Your interior in the coming year....Trends 2021. What are they like?

We are creating the interior of next year together with UNION.
The past year has made it clear to many that home is not just a place where we return to spend the night. Home is a place of power that gives harmony, a sense of fullness and peace. The pandemic has made huge changes in our lives, and we are forced to adapt to them. How? ...

Door Frame Revelations

The door is an important component of the interior and has not only an aesthetic function, but also a practical one. The door is designed to serve for more than one year, so when choosing, you should pay attention not only to the finish, but also to the design of the door frame.

Seven advantages of hidden doors

Innovative design and architectural solutions are widely used in modern interiors. The UNION company offered the Russian market a product that today arouses great interest among designers-the Chameleon hidden door frame (UNION patent), on which a door up to 3.5 meters high can be installed.

Loft. Style without strict borders and borders

Loft is a modern urban style that came to us from the New World in the middle of the last century. Initially, lofts were warehouses, workshops and workshops, adapted later by artists for housing. Why? The layout and lighting of such rooms allowed not only to live in them, but also to work — to equip galleries, studios. Inexpensive and functional.