The versatility of choice. Typical door designs

When choosing an interior door, it is worth focusing attention not only on the models and finishes that will fit the interior, but it is necessary to choose the right door design, taking into account the features of the layout and area of the room, so that in the future the use of the door is comfortable and does not bring inconvenience.

Managing lines…

Natural veneer can be made from a variety of wood species, while each pattern will be unique due to the preservation of natural ornament.

The door for the attic

Attic is a French term that refers to the last floor of a house with a mansard (sloped) roof. In Russia, it was customary to call this part of the house an attic. Unlike European houses, where recreation areas were more often equipped under the roof, it was customary to store old or unnecessary things in" our " attic.

Mirror history in a modern interior.

Its history goes back 7,000 years. It can attract good luck and cause insomnia.
In the XVI century, Queen Marina de ' Medici spent fabulous money from the French treasury to purchase ... mirrors to replace the stained glass windows of her palace.

Narthex. Option for comfort

Can doors become an important and stylish element of the interior, bringing additional comfort to everyday life?
Yes. If it is the doors of the UNION company of the INVISIBLE LUX and FILOMURO LUX collections.