Entrance doors, decorative panels, elements

Are the entrance doors certified DI.BI. - UNION?

Entrance doors Di.Bi. Delta is certified according to Italian standards, the standards of the Russian Federation are much stricter and more adapted to the harsh operating conditions of entrance doors in the Russian Federation. Therefore, it was decided to check the high quality of the entrance doors Di.Bi. Delta in accordance with the Russian Federation standard, several copies of the doors were sentgo to the testing laboratory. As a result of the audit for compliance with the entry door Di.Bi. Delta to the Russian state standard (GOST 31173-2003 R) mechanical properties of steel doors DELTA has the highest grade of durability , reliability door DELTA showed the highest degree – 500 080 cycles of opening and closing doors bз no damage, which corresponds to 80 years of operation. According to the performance indicators, as a result of checking such parameters as heat transfer resistance, breathability, sound insulation, the DELTA door was assigned the highest 1 class.

What do you recommend as finishing steel doors on the street side, in the entrance and in the apartment?

All panels from the UNION range can be used in apartments with an entrance from the entrance. The only question is to choose the model you like. It may be worth considering the vandal-proof properties for the external panel. For finishing on the street side, it is not recommended to use MDF panels. UNION offers veneered panels, multi-layer "marine plywood" panels and special Italian street panels with a VETRO RESINA stand finish. When assembling a door for outdoor use, we cover the exterior panels with an additional layer of special varnish.

Is it possible to install a UNION panel on the front door that was not purchased in UNION?

Technically, this possibility may exist. When you buy a panel, you can get its dimensions and edge configuration. But the installation of the panel on the door itself must be done either by the door supplier or by your craftsmen. UNION does not undertake to work with the products of other companies.

Can I buy decorative panels separately, without the front door?

Yes, you can. You must first understand whether the panel will fit structurally to your front door. UNION installs panels only on its doors, the installation of panels on "foreign" products is not performed.

What is the thickness of the entrance doors DI.BI. - UNION? What is the sound insulation of the steel door?

Entrance door panels DI.BI — - UNION consists of a metal-polymer composite and has a thickness of 60 mm. They are always equipped with decorative panels (overlays). Minimum panel thickness: 4-5 mm, i.e. the total thickness of the web is at least 68-70 mm. Without panels, the door is not for sale. Sound insulation (reduction of external air noise) of the door block without finishing panels, is 33 dB. The door with additional acoustic insulation "soundproof" reduces external noise by 42 dB. The "soundproof" material is hidden inside the door and between the frame and the subframe, and it can be used both as a noise reduction and to reduce condensation and freezing.and at low temperatures.

At what height is it necessary to cut the peephole into the ELEVATOR doors?

As a standard, we recommend installing the peephole at a height of 150 cm from the bottom of the canvas. If desired, you can choose any height in the range of 20 cm — 180 cm to install the peephole. You can also install a second door peephole for children or the disabled. It may look unusual, but it can be very convenient. When choosing the height, do not forget to take into account the drawing on the panels on both sides!

How do I change the MUL-T-LOCK "traffic light" key in the DELTA door from green to yellow (and also from yellow to red)?

The MUL-T-Lock instruction says "just start using the new keys." It's really very simple! Note only that the first turns of the new key require some increased effort (recoding occurs). We recommend performing this operation with the door open. Insert the key from the new kit on one side of the door. Close and open the lock completely two or three times. Repeat the operation on the other side of the door. Transcoding is complete! If you have started using the Red Key, you can purchase a new cylinder, or order duplicates of the red key from MUL-T-LOCK.

In two apartments in the entrance door keys Mul-T-Lock (traffic light). The keys are mixed up. How to distinguish them?

You must use the usual key selection method. If you make a mistake with keys of the same color (!), no recoding will occur.

Interior doors

What is the difference between natural veneer and Eco-veneer?

Veneer is a thin cut from the surface of a solid tree trunk. This finish has a great appearance and a unique noble texture. Veneered doors are visually perceived as doors made of solid wood, but have a lightweight web design. During the operation of the door under the influence of artificial and natural lighting, a slight change in color and shades of finish is possible. Ekoshpon® is a modern wear-resistant finish, in the manufacture of which natural resins are used, which differ from other materials. Environmental safety and high wear resistance. Under high temperature and pressure, forms a durable decorative and protective coating based on cellulose, which enables you to play not only a variety of shades of wood and create a deep surface relief, which is often unable to get on passirovanny doors from natural wood. It is almost impossible to distinguish eco-veneer from natural veneer. Unlike other natural materials that require careful selection of primary raw materials and complex processingand processing, the production of eco-veneer is not so labor-intensive, so the price is significantly lower.

What is the minimum delivery time for doors?

The constant availability in stock of more than 10,000 models of fabrics in different finishes and accessories to them makes it possible to ensure the minimum term and the best price for Italian doors. The minimum delivery time on the Fondo door in the Chameleon box is 1 working day

Should the bathroom door be different from other doors with increased moisture protection?

In the vast majority of cases, there is no need to put some special "moisture-proof" door to the bathroom. If direct water ingress on the door elements is excluded and only rare steam exposure is assumed, then any door from the UNION range will be operated without problems. We are also pleased to offer you doors made of glass and anodized aluminum, which are "not afraid" of moisture.

What is the maximum height of the swing door in the warehouse program?

Union supplies doors with heights of 200, 210 and 240 cm to Russia. Doors with a height of 240 cm are made only by highly specialized Italian factories, which are able to produce canvases using special technology using special materials that exclude the deformation of the canvas. High doors visually increase the height of the room and look very impressive

Do you have doors for painting?

In stock there are cloths Fondo nominal value 60/70/80/90*200*210*240 cm coated with a special primer material with high binding characteristics that allows you to easily and quickly paint the door leaf together with the wall. Fondo coated fabrics are delivered on a reinforced HDF 8+8 mm structure, which increases their sound insulation and structural reliability.

What is "safety glass"?

UNION offers safety glass, which can be of 2 types: tempered glass and triplex glass. Tempered glass is several times stronger than ordinary glass. In case of destruction, the glass crumbles into small crumbs, which allows you to avoid serious injuries. Another type of safety glass is "triplex". This is a double glass, glued with double-sided adhesive film. It is also much stronger than ordinary glass. When destroyed, the fragments remain attached to the film.

Can I order doors with a different color finish on each side of the canvas?

Yes. Different finishes are possible on different sides of the canvas (veneer/veneer or painting/painting). Such doors are in the assortment of several Italian factories.

What is a "narthex"? What is the difference between doors with a narthex and without a narthex?

The narthex is a protruding edging along the end of the canvas from its outer side. The narthex is also called the "influx" or "quarter". The end of the door with the narthex is not smooth, but with a step. In this case, screw-in visible loops are used. Doors with a narthex and without a narthex differ in design. If the door is with a narthex, then it is closed It covers the gap between the box and the canvas (the door protrudes slightly from behind the box). If the door is without a narthex, then in the closed state it is in the same plane with the box (completely recessed into the box and does not protrude). The appearance of the doors on the opening side is slightly different. Special advantages during installation and maintenanceприт the narthex does not allow exploitation. The presence or absence of a narthex in the door is a tribute to the tradition that has developed in this area and the choice of each specific manufacturer.

If the opening does not fit the standard door in width or height, is it possible to correct the door?

As a rule, it is easier, cheaper and more correct to adjust the doorway. Because a full-fledged door will fit into your interior accordingly. If the doorway correction is not possible, then, in the vast majority of cases, it is possible to correct the door leaf. In some cases, the correction of the door is technically impossible due to the design features of a particular model.

What is the thinnest wall designed interior doors from the company UNION?

In many collections of doors there are narrow boxes on the walls from ~5 cm (patented by UNION). Even if the thickness of the box is larger, we can recommend mounting methods that allow you to mount the door in the wall from 5 cm.

Doors creak — what can this be connected with? How to fix the situation?

Properly installed high-quality doors should not creak, jam, loose during operation. If something starts to work imperfectly in the door, then you should understand the reason and eliminate it. The simplest reason for the squeak may be the lack of lubrication of the hinges. It is very easy to eliminate such a creak: you just need to lubricateпетли b loops. The sealer can also creak. Eliminating such a creak may require adjusting the hinges or adjusting the position of the box. If you bought the doors in UNION and can't figure out the reason for the creaking, contact the service center and call the wizard. In the warranty case, all adjustments will be made by the BESfor a fee.

On which floor should ECLISSE sliding pocket door systems be installed?

The uniqueness of the products of the ECLISSE factory allows you to install pencil cases as on a screed (rough floor) so on the finishing surface (tiles, parquet, etc.) When installing on the rough floor, it is necessary to clearly determine in advance to what level the floors will "rise". For example, if the floor level rises by 40 mm., the pencil case will be pre-installed for lighthouses of the appropriate size (i.e. 40mm). Mistakes should not be allowed, because if you overestimate the level of the finishing floor, then you can adjust the position of the canvas in the pencil case "up" by a maximum of 10 mm. If you underestimate the level of the finishing floor, then the adjustment of the canvas is structurally not possible and the pencil case will need to be reinstalled.

What are the packaging dimensions of the ECLISSE UNICO single-door sliding pocket system and its weight? Availability of the product in stock?

Dimensions: 14x231x11 cm, weight: approximately 20-25 kg. Pencil cases of sizes 60/70/80/90x200/210, as well as 80x240 are always available in the company's warehouse, but it is better to check the availability with the operator or store manager in advance.

Measurement, delivery and installation

I know exactly the dimensions of the openings, why should I measure them?

You can opt out of the measurement service. The manager will add the appropriate note to the invoice for the product. But we strongly recommend using this service. Our engineer is the" eyes " of the manager at the facility and the information provided by him largely optimizes the course of the transaction.

Is it possible to agree on the time of delivery and installation services in advance?

Managers of the service center upon the readiness of your product must agree with you in advance the time of rendering a particular service. They will send qualified specialists of the company to your facility, who will specify the specific time of arrival at the facility on the eve of performing the service.

Why can't you pick up a large-sized item (for example, a door) in the store where the product is issued?

The lack of specially equipped storage facilities makes it impossible to move and ship large-sized goods at the place of their registration, namely to UNION stores. You can arrange delivery, or pick up the goods from the logistics center (detailed directions are available on the website).

Why can't I pay for delivery and installation on site?

These are the company's rules. Acceptance of cash at the place is associated with certain inconveniences in the design of accounting documentation. We are convinced that every specialist must perform their work efficiently, the cashier must accept money, the driver must deliver, and the master must install the doors. By paying for the service in the store, you will fix the price of the service at the time of payment and will be sure that your authorized representatives at the site will not "negotiate" with our performers.

Can I order the installation of doors purchased from another company?

Definitely not. Our craftsmen install only UNION products that are specially trained and certified to work with. We give a guarantee only on our goods and the quality of the work performed by us.

How much does it cost to install interior doors?

The cost of installing a single-leaf door from our main range-from 5,400 rubles. Do not forget that this price includes: installation of the box, installation and adjustment of the web, installation of platbands, installation of the lock, hinges, handles, i.e. all possible standard operations and all necessary consumables.

How long will it take to install interior and entrance doors?

Approximate installation time by UNION specialists: - entrance door — 4 hours (in the finished opening), with the completion of the opening-5-8 hours; - interior door — 2 hours (in the finished doorway); - interior door with transom — 3-4 hours; - sliding structure or partition — 4 hours; - pencil case 1st stage (installing only the pencil case) — 2 hours.

How are interior doors fixed in the opening? Consumables (screws, foam, etc.) are included in the installation price?

The technology of the UNION company implies mandatory mechanical fixation of doors in the opening on self-tapping screws, metal corners, brackets, etc. The method of mechanical fastening is selected individually at the installation site in accordance with the design of the door and opening. The gap between the door frame and the wall is also filled with professional mounting foam. The cost of consumables for installation by UNION is included in the cost of installation of the door.

Do I need to trim any door elements during installation? What is the sound insulation of the interior door?

Yes. This is a common practice. Some structural elements are supplied as standard and require trimming and fitting during installation. For example, almost always require correction trim, fixing Board, some types of door boxes. This operation allows you to perfectly " fit " the elements of the door structure to the features of your opening, adjust the gap between the finished floor and the canvas. Sound insulation of the interior door is about 17 dB.

Is it possible to install an interior door on your own?

If you mean whether it is possible not to use the services of UNION for installation, - certainly yes. You can install the doors by your own forces. At the same time, UNION does not reduce the warranty on the product itself. If you want to know how difficult it is to mount doors from UNION, we can answer that it is relatively easy to mount any door. We predosляем We provide detailed installation instructions. However, one instruction will not be enough. Installing doors is much more complicated than connecting a game console to a TV. You need experience and skills to ensure the quality of installation in detail. At the first attempts, there is a great risk of spoiling some elements. There is also a risk of injury when working with the tool. Therefore, we do not recommend taking on the installation of a person without experience in similar work.

Organization of work

Can't get through to a company employee?

Unfortunately, our employee may be absent from the workplace for objective reasons at the time of your call. You can call the UNION contact center at 8(495) 231-43-43 (communication with the operator is an additional "zero" in tone mode). In the shortest possible time, an express analysis of the issue will be carried out and a competent employee of the company will contact you. The solution will definitely be found!

Where can I make an additional payment on the account? The rate of payment?

You can make an additional payment on the account absolutely in any store of the company. Payment (prepayment) of goods, the price of which is expressed in the invoice specification in Euros, is made in rubles at the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in euros on the day of payment.

My manager has not been at work for a long time, what should I do?

We will not leave you without qualified service! You can always contact the store's management, and the manager will take personal control of the progress of your transaction.

Preparation of openings

What height should be the threshold that covers the joint of floor coverings in the opening?

For almost all doors, a threshold with a height of up to 3 mm is suitable. Sometimes the threshold can be higher. Discuss this issue when choosing doors with your consultant in the store

Where is it better to make a joint of floor coverings for swing doors?

From an aesthetic point of view, it is preferable that the joint of the floor coverings falls under the closed door leaf. We can provide you with unique information for each door collection and recommend the joint area of floor coverings in accordance with the design of the box and canvas. If you plan to use a decorative sill, you need to take into account its width in advance in accordance with the choice of location and design of the joint of floor coverings.

Where is it better to make a joint of floor coverings for sliding doors along the wall?

Usually in these cases, the joint is made at the exit of the opening, flush with the wall on the side of the movement of the canvas. Depending on the specific design and features of the interior, you can make any decision on the joint, including making a joint inside the opening.

Is it necessary to strengthen the opening for the entrance door, if the wall material on the opening side of the door leaf is made of foam with a thickness of about 15 cm (the total wall is wide enough)?

The opening must be framed on both sides around the perimeter with corners and additionally fastened together horizontally in 5-6 places.

Do you provide advice on strengthening openings for interior structures ?

To help Customers, the company has developed a unique memo on strengthening openings. It will be provided to you by our managers. The decision on the device and installation of reinforcement is carried out only by the customer.



MDF / HDF-Medium / High Density Fiberboard is a medium / high density fiberboard produced by dry pressing of wood fibers using organic binders under the influence of high temperature and pressure. The main binding element is Lingin – a natural substance released from the cells of wood when it is heated. This modern eco-friendly material has successfully replaced wood due to its high technology. It is easy to mill, paint, veneer, apply Ecopshpon®and Dry skin. unionporte canvases use 4 mm MDF and 8 mm HDF

Engineering array

Engineering array is a multi-layer adhesive structure made of highly stable wood species. A special combination of horizontal and vertical grain of the wood, a long drying cycle to reduce the humidity percentage of the grooves within the array of internally compensating tension wood fibres, allow to ensure the stability and high performance operation, which is especially important when making doors taller than 210 cm, since the main problem that occurs with fluctuations of humidity and temperature in the room is the deformation and cracking of the canvas.

Dry skin

Modern patented technology of industrial application of varnishes by the roll method by the method of hot rolling. Allows you to easily perform surfaces with a patina or aging effect.


An element of the door block, a bar with a quarter on which the canvas is actually held with the help of hinges.


The metal part is attached to the box and the canvas, serves to open and close the door.

Tone (tinting)

The method of decorating the wood, by applying stain on the workpiece thereby changing the color of the tree.


Locking device, cuts into the door leaf.


Glass decoration method, the edges of the glass are ground at an angle to form a face.