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Advantages of the UNION Partner Program

Aesthetics and design

UNION is the only Russian company...

UNION is the only company in Russia that develops the concept of "Doors Furniture in a single style". The entire range is combined with each other in design, aesthetics and personalization, allowing you to create ready-made interior solutions with a high-quality product that is available to a wider segment of customers.

Product Advantages

Maximum door dimensions (height up to 3.5 m)..

Wide size range (door height up to 3.5 m; width up to 1.3 m). Reinforced 60 mm thick canvas and a strong aluminum box provide structural rigidity, increased sound insulation and moisture resistance. End aluminum edge – protection from mechanical damage and aesthetics. More than 100 finishing options. German and Italianth hardware.

Quality, price and service

It was previously in the segment we selected...

Our own production with the use of European equipment allows us to create products that meet the level of world brands. The perfect balance of price, quality, design and service ensures UNION leadership in the chosen segment.

Onboard support

Training and consulting of the merchant...

Professional training, certification and training for dealers. Convenient price list. Access to the configurator and electronic resources. Special conditions for the delivery of samples for brand sections.

30 years on the market

We deliver the goods to different countries of the world...

For 30 years, the success and popularity of the brand has been due to the high quality of products, first-class brand salons, a developed dealer network and powerful production. Today, the company is rightfully entering the world market.

Stay ahead of trends

Conducting seminars and presentations...

UNION doesn't stop there. Striving for excellence, focusing on finding new ideas, implementing European quality standards, and constantly updating the product range - this is working ahead of trends.

Presentation standards

Area (from 25 m²)

The format recommended for furniture and...

Standard and requirements for furniture and interior showrooms. Area from 25 m² : models of UNION products, doors and furniture, company signboard and price tags with the UNION logo.

Corner (from 10 m²)

The format recommended for interior doors...

Standard and requirements for showrooms of doors, finishing materials and floor coverings. Area from 10 m² : sample of UNION products – doors with price tags with the UNION logo


The format recommended for designers...

Standard and requirements for designers and  architecture studios. Catalogs, samples of finishes. Technical and informational materials are provided by the manufacturer.

Dealer Relations Department

We have created a special division for the development of dealer networks in Russia and abroad, having assembled a professional UNION team. The Development Department provides comprehensive support to trading partners:

  • consulting
  • assistance in preparing calculations and proposals
  • technical training
  • .ary and presentations
  • ensuring catalogs, samples, and POS materials
  • assistance in the development of design projects, the brand of sections of the UNION
  • personal regional Manager
  • personal export Manager
  • participation in Russian and international exhibitions


Челябинск<br> «Модный дом»

"Fashion House»

"I have been with UNION since 2012....

I have been with UNION since 2012. 
During this time, I made repairs for myself several times and each time I chose the doors of this brand, I think this speaks volumes. 
For me, UNION is the perfect balance of price, quality, design and service.
Now UNION is at a new stage of development and our company Fashion House is moving to a new level together with Vми mi.
Тамбов <br>Салон Юнион Мебель

Salon Union Furniture

Our companies – a network of furniture salons "UNION" and UNION-doors...

Our companies-the network of furniture salons "UNION" and UNION-doors-are partners, have a similar history of 30-year development of brands, a similar system of basic values, where the interests of the customer and the quality of the product are always put first. 
The product offer of UNION-doors focuses on modern design and is uniquenew technologies in the production of doors, furniture
and related components and has a balanced pricing policy.
Волгоград <br>Архитектурно-строительное бюро «Люмьер»

Architectural and construction bureau "Lumiere»

Union is primarily about people who have already turned 15 years old...

First of all, Union is the people who have made it 15 years of our continuous cooperation. I sing an ode to the team, in trusting contact with which you can solve absolutely any problem!
Gordey Vasiliev-veteran dealer))
Екатеринбург<br> Салон «UNION Итальянские двери»

Salon " UNION Italian doors»

I have been working with the company for 7 years, being a dealer in...

I have been working with the company for 7 years, being a dealer in Yekaterinburg. For my part, I can describe UNION as a reliable supplier and partner. I am satisfied with the work of the dealer department: requests are processed promptly, in disputable situations we were not left, but offered solutions, and this is valuable!
Иркутск <br>Салон художественного паркета и дверей «Кавалер»

Salon of art parquet and doors " Cavalier»

We have been working with Union for more than 15 years. We consider it a leader in the..

We have been working with Union for more than 15 years. We consider it a leader in its industry.
The company's products cover all the needs of modern trends in the interior. A reliable and responsible partner.
Бухарест<br> Design Radar

Design Radar

Design Radar started distributing the UNION brand, as it found in...

Design Radar started the distribution of the UNION brand, because it found excellent quality in it, which can compete with well-known global brands while maintaining more affordable products aimed at a large segment of customers.
We see great prospects in the segment of complex interior solutions, so we share the concept of a Russian partner and we will actively promote it in Europe.

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