How to choose a door

Need to know!

You can save up to 50% of the budget if you prepare openings for the selected doors, rather than making doors for existing openings. Ready-made openings limit the choice of products of standard sizes, increase the cost of the product and extend the delivery time.

1. Choose your interior style

Within each style, you can find various artistic ideas, solutions and combinations, but the main thing is that the interior fully corresponds to the psychotype of a person.

2. Choose a door finish

In the modern production of doors, a wide variety of materials, both natural and artificial, are used as finishes, but the key factor determining the style is color, pattern and texture.

Need to know!

Each finish has its own characteristics and advantages that are unique to it. This favorably emphasizes the individuality of the product. A distinctive feature of natural materials and hand-made decor is the difference between the products in texture, toning, shade and pattern.

3. Choose the design and size of the door

In order to avoid costly mistakes, it is important to pay attention to the preliminary planning of the room space and the selection of optimal door designs and sizes.

4. Select the door model and configuration

The choice of model and configuration affects the finished aesthetic appearance of the door, its performance characteristics and cost.

5. Pay attention to the related products

To give the integrity of the appearance and completeness of the interior, you can immediately choose wall panels and an entrance door in a single finish and style with interior doors.