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Since 1990, UNION has been a leader in the door market.

For many years, "UNION Italian Doors" specializes in the supply of doors to Russia Made in Italy . During this time, we have established close ties with the best manufacturers in Italy.

In 2008, we launched our own production of exclusive collections of doors and partitions made of Italian components. Thus guaranteeing the Russian market high quality and optimal price.

The experience and knowledge of door production, the introduction of European technologies and quality standards have made us the leader of the door market. The focus on the search for new ideas, the pursuit of excellence and innovation have firmly established this status.

Moving forward dynamically, the company rebranded in 2018 , changing its product range and positioning. Changing the logo from " UNION Italian door" to the "UNION of the Door and Furniture", as well as the appearance of the slogan "Doors and furniture in the same style" fully reflected the new direction of the company's development-integrated interior solutions.

At the heart of the range:

ü  Doors

ü  Partitions

ü  Walk-in closets

ü  Wall panels

ü  Furniture

ü  Storage systems

ü  Panel screen

ü  Mirrors

ü  Tables

The concept of "Doors and furniture in a single style" is that the entire range of the company is combined with each other and makes it easy to pick up all the items (doors and furniture) in a single color and stylistic range.

The unity of all elements gives additional aesthetics, integrity and completeness to the interior. It remains only to choose upholstered furniture and lamps!

Today, creating an interior in a single style has become even easier, more comfortable and more accessible together with the company "UNION Doors and Furniture".