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Invisible doors – is the trend of interior design and became very popular in Russia today. The design of the “invisible" door is a jamb, which must be integrated into the wall at the stage of rough work, and the door leaf with a factory finished surface for painting or wallpapering. Concealed installation and the possibility of any finishes allow the door to dissolve into the space, combining with the wall. Hidden frame - is a reinforced aluminum profile structure which provides increased rigidity and strength of the entire door.
The leaf of INVISIBLE LUX is made of a 60 mm thick sandwich panel, and today it is a unique offer for Russia, because most of our sellers offer to buy doors with a thickness of leaf no more than 35 mm. Large thickness of leaf has good soundproofing level, greater resistance to possible warps and making it suitable for the most refined interiors.
A feature of INVISIBLE LUX door is the anodized aluminum frame and the polymer coating of the door leaf which is a primer for subsequent painting in any colors directly on the spot. When you use wallpaper in your design and want to decorate the door leaf with it, an aluminum end edge is available as an option. When your door has an end edge you don't have to worry that the edges of the wallpaper will tear off.
Doors INVISIBLE LUX - door is the optimal solution for interior doorway which can visually increase the space and perfectly emphasize the geometry of the room.


In stock, there are always doors in standard sizes: 60/70/80/90 x 200/210/240 cm.
Delivery time – 5 r. d.

- Door leaf 60 mm, increased sound insulation. Engineering structure, double-bar frame of multi-layer solid wood + two HDF panels. Primed for painting.
- Aluminum end plate the edge provides additional protection and aesthetics.
- If the door height is more than 240 cm, a special compensation rod is mounted inside the door leaf to adjust the possible bending.
- Aluminum box, not subject to deformation when changing humidity and temperature. Increased structural rigidity.
- Basic equipment forthe robe is anodized aluminum, Chrome Matt color. It can be both a finishing finish and a base for painting. During installation, it is possible to paint in any color together with the wall.
- The box, the end aluminum edge and the handle can be in any of the finishes offered by the manufacturer.
- Hidden reinforced OTLAV loops (made in Italy). Adjustment in ре rex planes.
- Silent magnetic lock AGB (made in Italy).
- Opening "From the opening - OUT" (180°) or "In the opening - IN" Inverso model (95°) with the preservation of coplanarity (a single plane with the wall).
- Reversibility - the opening side is selected during installation (OUT).
- Maximum dimensions: width up to 110 cm, height up to 350 cm.

Versions of the designs

Versions of the designs

Door kit

Door kit



Preparation of the doorway

1. Prepare the necessary dimensions of the opening L2/H2.
Attention! By preparing openings for standard door sizes, you save on the cost of doors! 2. The walls should be plastered on a vertical level (without deviations). Prepared for the application of the final finish.
3. Floors. The door is installed on the level of the finished floor. Necessary:
    - the presence of a finishing floor or a finishing screed with a level mark of the finishing floor;
    - the floors should be smooth, without differences.

Opening types

Swing door
Swing door
Double doors
Double doors
<p>Up to ceiling door</p>

Up to ceiling door

Door with transom
Door with transom
PIVOT door
PIVOT door
Door with mirror
Door with mirror


ALUMINIUM. Finishing of aluminum surfaces.

  • Chrome Matt

  • White

  • Black

  • Dark Brown

  • Piombo

  • Bronze

  • Soft Bronze



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Price per set: canvas for painting, conditional size 60/70/80/90x200/210 cm, "hidden" box in the finish-Chrome Matt anodizing, sealer, hidden hinges, magnetic lock

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